Kinsale Residents Survey 2022
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Dear resident,

Please spend a few minutes helping us with this community survey with a chance to win a one-day pottery course at Kinsale Pottery for two people!

In 2018, a community survey was completed by 800 people living in Kinsale and surrounding areas.  As a result of this great feedback from the community, various plans and initiatives were put in place to improve the locality, and the non-profit community-led organisation Future Kinsale was born.
Good progress has been made on some of these early initiatives, but Covid has had a huge impact on us all, so we think it’s time to take stock and find out what is important to the community now, post-pandemic, and in the new world we find ourselves. 
We are therefore asking as many community members as possible to contribute to this new survey by June 20th. Please share your views on the current needs of the community and your hopes for the future. The results of the survey will be shared publicly, and used for the benefit of all. We hope to  match the abundant talent and resources in the locality with the initiatives and projects that we, collectively, believe will be of most benefit to us all the years to come. Anyone aged 16 and over in the P17 eircode area can take part.
We’d love your views on what Kinsale needs now, and what Future Kinsale can do to support a healthy, sustainable community, so please spend a few minutes to complete the questionnaire now.
If you'd like to enter our Prize Draw, simply add your email at the end of the survey.  Your contact details will not be used for any other purposes.
Thank you very much for your time and support.    
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To contact the organisers of this research, please email [email protected]